Monday, April 21, 2014

Of Plants and People

Like many who live in cooler climates, I start most of my plants indoors. As a result, my seedlings spend upwards of the first two months of their delicate lives under fluorescent lights. I don't believe that plants have experiences; there is no such thing as 'what it is like to be a plant'.  However, I can't help but experience a particular feeling of newness and joy on the day that I bring my seedlings into the sun for the first time. For the first time in their young lives, these plants are being nourished by the source of light for which they were designed. At first they can only handle a few hours of filtered light. In time, they will grow to relish the full intensity of the noonday sun.

I can only hope that those of us who long to bask in the glory of the true source of radiance, God Himself, will in time have this longing fulfilled.